Predators put in an appearance at Nanzhila

August and early September have been very busy for predator viewing in the Southern Kafue! Starting from the ‘biggest’ – lion movement has been consistent although we hear them a lot more than they are seen! We had a great sighting of this young male again who has been in the area for awhile – maybe a sign of shifting power balances in the Southern Kafue lion prides?

Some very nice pics caught by Karina and Raymond here who left this very kind feedback in our guestbook:

“Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened” We will cry a little to be honest – such a beautiful lodge, location, wildlife, but above all the beautiful people. Thanks Steve, Cindy, Brett and Caesar. Miss you and the rest of the team.” – Karina and Raymond, The Netherlands.

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Leopard sightings are always special and Eirene and Gabriel saw a leopard on their transfer out of Nanzhila but it is the 2 smaller spotted cats that have been stealing the show of late. Although we have been seeing 2 male cheetahs quite frequently, it is the appearance of this cheetah mom with no less than 6 cubs that really got our attention. She is staying nearby with that many cubs and hopefully for her sake, the lions remain too focused on whatever they are doing to notice her little ones! We got a great little clip (View Here) of this “super-mom” in the making and she caught the attention of our recent guest, Richard:

 “ Waouh – Great – 7 cheetahs! I’ll be back!” Richard Schneider – Switzerland.

But as mentioned, cheetah have not been the only spotted predator to perform in recent weeks and we were absolutely delighted by this sighting of a serval which did a wonderful job posing for us!

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Finally, our resident wild dog pack with their pups were seen earlier in August when they dramatically made a kill near camp although sadly there were no pics from this sighting – only these kind words from our guests that we close off with:

“Our first trip to Africa, and definitely not our last! Waking up to a fresh kill 200metres from our chalet and finding a pack of 8 wild dogs, 6 of them pups, was an experience to remember forever. Nanzhila Plains Camp is a unique and rewarding safari destination. Thank you Steve and Cindy.” – Hannah and Matthew Debeer, Canada

Sneak into the Southern Kafue for 2 minutes…

Watch the video below