This week has shown the full range and diversity of the game viewing in Nanzhila! Our guests have enjoyed an incredible range of species and sightings and it once again highlights what a unique area the Southern Kafue is:

Our visitors from Italy enjoyed a rather unique evening drive when they saw leopard, 6 lions and an otter! In addition to the ‘normal’ plains game, we picked up the following special species through the week:

Eland; Bushpig; Sable; Roan; Serval and Wild Cat! What a combo! However, perhaps the ‘sighting of the week’ must have been the wild dog chasing a kudu near the dambo in front of camp!

Another great sighting was of the critically endangered White Headed Vulture and we also got our 2 resident rollers (Lilac-Breasted and Racket-tailed) this week – the other 3 rollers we see (European, Purple and Broad-billed) are visitors and will be arriving soon!

Some of our departing guests also made use of the Ngoma Airstrip to connect their time in Kafue with the Luangwa Valley – it’s great to know that people wanting to connect the Kafue and Zambia’s other great parks can do so through charter flights out of the nearby Ngoma Airstrip.Their feedback (translated back from Italian): “A wonderful place and definitely a place to return to!”

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