July has been an interesting month so far…we were finally able to open the Kalenje Track – more than a month later than last year which shows you how much more rain and water we had last summer. Accordingly, the game has been widely dispersed and so it’s really only been during the last 2 weeks that we are starting to see denser groups of animals as the water resources start to dry up. Looking back over the month though, you really do get an appreciation of the incredible diversity of life in the Southern Kafue with sightings of the following antelope:

Sable, Roan, Eland, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, blue wildebeest, kudu, reedbuck, impala, common duiker, oribi along with a variety of the smaller and more secret life with some great serval sightings, the famous Nanzhila honey badgers spotted in daylight and no doubt off to raise a caucus somewhere and civet being spotted most evening drives. There were sporadic sightings of lion, cheetah and leopard. Wild dog have been seen by staff regularly near the back of camp, which hopefully means that they are denning near by.

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In addition to the great diversity and wildlife seen outside of camp, Nanzhila Plains also hosted an incredible variety of nationalities this month: We had Italians, Austrians, Germans, Americans, Swiss, Israelis, French, Irish, New Zealanders, South Africans and of course Zambians to name a few! It’s amazing to think that people from all around the world take the time and effort to visit a little corner of Zambia as remote as the Southern Kafue – we are very grateful for the support and some of the kind words written below:

“We would like to thank you again for the really nice and very interesting stay at Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp – we liked it very much and it’s a pity that we couldn’t stay longer.”

 “Thanks to Cindy, Steve and all the staff, we 5 had an amazing time over there. We’ve been literally spoiled with morning and evening game drives and walks, gorgeous and tasteful meals, and cherry on the cake, a dreamful dinner + marshmallows under the milky way… No words to describe those 4 days. Actually, I didn’t want to leave, husband and sons neither. 😉 “

And in keeping to the theme of international variety, we had a comment left in our guestbook which I’ve retyped below (please forgive any inaccurate transcription) and would love someone to translate it us … just hoping it’s good things! :). (Use the comment section below.)

Siamo stati meraniguosamente al Nanzhila…Location, gentilezzae cibocoredi meguiomon potelamo speraze! Abbamo visto fantassimi tipi dianidau: zebre, elefanti, antilopi, scimmie in un ambiente mozzafiato ricorddezemo la gentilezza e la cura inogni cosa di ognuno di voi!”

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A game drive ‘selfie’ sent in from our latest guests:

Game drive selfie😎 #nanzhilaplains #selfie #kafue #hiddengemsofzambia #africasafari #travelafrica #travelzambia #safari

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