The Dandajena family from Newport, Wales decided at the last minute to add a short Zambian safari to their Vic Falls holiday itinerary. Time was precious and they could only spare 2 nights and as the nearest lodge in the Kafue to the Vic Falls, they chose Nanzhila. Our wildlife came out in force to welcome them with multiple sightings of wild dog, serval, genet, zebra, warthog, all the antelope species that the Nanzhila area is renowned for, as well as elephant and porcupine. Lions were roaring around at night and they left us some lovely feedback: “ Thanks for sharing your wonderful place with us, the fauna and flora was special. The food was amazing, the best service ever”.

Other notable sightings this week included eland, wild dog (again – second appearance in 3 weeks), a lot of sable and roan on quite regular basis.

Chalet 2 has a new hat! During last rainy season we had a direct lightning strike that caused the thatch to catch fire. Thanks to the quick action of the staff we were able to save the building and it now has a sparkling new thatched roof.

Are things starting to warm up a little or is it just wishful thinking? The nights are still chilly but the days do seem to be getting warmer and the grazers have started to seek the shade during the heat of the day. I understand that this year we’ll be under the influence of “La Nino” and that we may well have early rains? The impala seem to think so as they are already showing signs of pregnancy. We will have to wait and see!

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