The last week of August and first week of September at Nanzhila Plains produced some more incredible wildlife sightings and excellent birding! The week started off with a lovely sighting of young leopard off the Cordon road trying to melt into the undergrowth. The herds of roan and sable have been very visible and our bachelor herd of elephant now spend almost everyday in the dambo in front of the lodge.

As usual, our guests have had great sightings of the black-cheeked lovebirds in the last week. However, the birding sighting of the week was the Pel’s Fishing Owl seen on a walking safari on the Kasha – the first sighting of this special so close to Nanzhila in 10 years!

But the standout feature should surely have to have been the solo battle between a lone male wild dog and a male reedbuck with the wild dog winning the day! It is believed this is the male of a new, small pack that appears to be settling in the area. The guides have seen that one of the females is lactating so we are hoping to see new arrivals soon!

One of our recent guests had this to stay about their time at Nanzhila: “The stay was lovely, and everyone really enjoyed… the biggest complaint was why I had not arranged 2 nights there !!!” 

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