We welcomed our first lodge guests of the new season, from Italy and Botswana this last week who left us a lovely message in the Guest Book:

“This is a very special place! Thank you Steve and Cindy and all the staff for everything…you give to this camp a very unique home feeling and a warm welcoming atmosphere! Thank you!!!!!”

The birding has been great with excellent sightings of black-cheeked lovebirds, racket-tailed rollers, a hooded vulture along with the normal array of residents so it remains one of Zambia’s premium birding destinations. Game viewing at this time of the year can be a challenge in view of the abundant water and high grass.

Perseverance is the key though and great sightings are possible at any time. Two young lions were found in the plains whilst the rest of the family was out hunting and we came across a recently vacated cheetah kill up by Chilenje Pool whilst lions and hyena are actively calling at night. A further pride of 7 lions have been active around the lodge for a few days now which has added to the excitement of being in the bush! They were seen near the campsite by some campers and around the workshops by staff and footprints also show they have been active between the lodge and chalets at night which is always a thrill for guests to know they really are in true Africa!

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