While the Southern Kafue has slowly but surely become of Zambia’s unsung conservation success stories over the last 2 years, there are still a lot of people wanting to know what makes the Southern Kafue so special?

Well firstly, it’s the most accessible part of Kafue National Park with Dundumwezi Gate being a mere 3hr drive from Livingstone and the Victoria Falls – no other part of Kafue National Park can be accessed as quickly by road from one of Zambia’s major cities (Lusaka or Livingstone).

Secondly, the game viewing has rebounded incredibly. See the spread of species normally seen during a typical 4 night visit in the Southern Kafue below:

Finally – you will have 3000 square kilometres of Kafue National Park wilderness to yourself! Nanzhila Plains is the only safari camp in the entire region…so this is a real wilderness to be experienced the way Africa was meant to be enjoyed!

Sustainable tourism has been behind the good news story of the Southern Kafue so make sure you are part of it in 2018 – CLICK HERE for rates and availability to visit the Southern Kafue from Nanzhila Plains.