1: There has been a lot of lion movement around and even IN camp. The Mafuta pride is 7 strong and very settled allowing quite close interaction. The Eastern Pride is at least 9 strong but more skittish, probably in light of their proximity to the Eastern boundary. The Mafuta’s in fact relaxed around our fireplace last week entertaining us all throughout the night with their roars!

2: Towards the end of July and early August the pregnant Litchenstein Hartebeest start separating from the herd to drop their young. A few have been born already. Most female Hartebeest seem to fall pregnant annually and it is not surprising to see herds nearly double in size nearly overnight. Warthog are another species that we can expect to start dropping soon. Plenty of food then for our cheetah, leopard and lion populations!

3: Most of the annual burn is now complete and we are starting to see a lot more Sable and Roan than in May and June as they come out on the grassy drainage lines enjoying the new grass.

4: DPNW have just completed most of the grading of the arterial road and loops in the area, including the bad sections between Dundumwezi Gate and the lodge and then the road north via Kalenji Track.

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