Did you know that Southern Zambia has experienced an incredibly poor rainy season and things are set to be much drier for 2019 than ever before?

We had to act very quickly and sink a borehole at camp to ensure we had water for the lodge and our dambo for the season. Thankfully, we have tapped into an abundant supply of beautiful underground water meaning not only will there be more than enough water for camp for the season, but we are going to be able to feed our overflow into our dambo!

What does this mean for Nanzhila going forward:

The implications of this means that the Nanzhila dambo will be one of the ONLY PLACES  in the Southern Kafue with permanent water so 2019, from a game viewing perspective, looks set to be incredible!

Already we have seen the lions on numerous occasions, our serval are out and about and wild dog have been hunting through camp as the predators follow the antelope closely.

“Unbelievable hospitality and wonderful blissful surroundings. We were also lucky to catch a glimpse of a pride of lions. Loved our stay. Pure bliss!” – Balaji and Kirchi, 15 May ’19

So if you have a gap for 3 or 4 nights in 2019 and would love to see some incredible wildlife, we are expecting some amazing things to be seen this season!